Jacob D. Foster
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In 2018, at Saint Petersburg, two researchers of the world-famous Steklov Mathematical Institute managed to prove a thesis of number theory, which relates to the long-unresolved Riemann-hypothesis. What they deduct from the theory is not only staggering for them but also for their American friends, the researchers of the New York Columbia University's Department of Mathematics. The Russian and American government is shocked by the fact that the most brilliant minds of their countries might all end up dead within a few weeks.

Dr. Jacob Landau, working on the NSA BigData cluster, alongside with his childhood friend, the brilliant theoretical-mathematician, Dr. Joshua Bergmann, with the help of neurologist Dr. Ashley Wolf are running a race against time while they try to find the reason behind the illness among the Russian and American mathematicians and how the illness might relate to their thesis. The Russian and American secret agents work together to find a startling answer, which would have been better unsolved.

The most current conferences are all about the gainsharing of using Artificial Intelligence. This novel deals with this question, but with an unexpected turn, the problem's transformation leads the reader to an even more interesting field, full of questions never been answered yet.

The novel takes place in New York, Saint Petersburg, and Budapest, while combining reality and fiction and starring well-known names, like Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Larry Ellison. The plot honors the world-famous Hungarian and Russian mathematicians, Erdős, Vinogradov, and Csebisev.

Hungarian translator is Zsofia Diosi (Szofi Press Publishing)

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